How to Start Earning with Leadsleap

Today I want to explain in a bit more about earning using Leadsleap (<<<click link to register for free).

Remember that this site can ALSO be used to promote ANY business at the same time.  In fact I highly recommend doing both!

With that in mind lets talk about the first way to earn:

The Daily Bonus

When you use Leadsleap for promoting you have the option of doing ad clicks for advertising credits. This is how you can use this very powerful site completely for free.

Just for clicking 10+ ads you will earn a daily bonus in cash.  That is a share of the site income for the day, so the amount you earn will vary day by day.  You will also earn more if you click more than 10 ads in the day.

Really unless you do a lot of clicking this earning option will pay you just a small amount (For 10 ad clicks I make around $0.05).  However this should not be under estimated either because there are several ways to increase the value of ad clicks completed on Leadsleap.

I will discuss those more in later posts.  For now let me show you how to do the ad clicks and start your earning process:

I personally earn quite a bit on Leadsleap, and I will provide more guidance on using this site to earn with asap.  It provides another fantastic and free to join opportunity to those who are willing to learn what to do.   Oh and it works worldwide as well!

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

Ads Messenger Free Traffic Site – Does it Actually Work?

Free traffic sites are a wonderful way to get visits to your website or link, and I have got a LOT of referrals by using them!

However….. all traffic sites are NOT equal.  Some work very well, and others….. well some are quite frankly not worth any time or effort to use them at all.

If you are new to using traffic sites though how do you know which work and which don’t?

Many traffic sites also have paid upgrades as a option.  So how do you know if you are investing your money wisely?

Testing is the answer… and that is what I do on a daily basis.

In the video below I provide my review of Ads Messenger (<<< you can click this link to register) .  I hope you enjoy the video, do let me know your thoughts below!

If you would like to see more traffic site reviews as well as lots of other working online info and tips you can subscribe to my You Tube channel.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

Do You Need Help with Team Building?

Have you ever struggled to get leads and sign ups for your business?

Or not sure how to start building a list of prospects? 

If yes then this program is the answer.  
You sign up for free and you get access to high converting funnels to use to build your own list of prospects.

Its as simple as adding a referral link to a free traffic site, adding some ad credits and letting it work.

Click here for a list of traffic sites that I use and recommend

The great thing though is how the numbers of leads just keep multiplying….. it works like magic AS LONG AS YOU PROMOTE YOUR LINK!

In addition just sharing the pages provided can earn you affiliate commissions as well – the products are built in AND you can change them later if you want to.

For anyone wanting to start making money online (or want to make more money) this program literally covers TWO of the most important aspects of actually becoming successful:

Creating a constant flow of prospects (for any business)

Back end affiliate sales

It does both of these things without the need to create any funnels for
yourself, and without having to learn about affiliate marketing techniques as well.

Use it to build your own list and watch what happens….. 
I Smell Success!

Click Here to sign up now

Best Wishes
Ellie xx


Another Payment Received From Timebucks

I have to admit it, when you work online there is nothing better than waking up to find another payment has just hit your account.  When that happens daily you know you have got it figured out!

Thursdays are payday for me from Timebucks – one of my favourite free to join sites.  This week I received $21.38 which makes a total of $265.46 now:

Timebucks Earnings
Earnings From Timebucks 03/10/2019

As you can see almost $100 of that is from commission and bonuses, so that is passive income.  The rest is from me doing little tasks like ad clicks, offers and surveys.

To make my Timebucks earnings grow even more I am now transferring my weekly payment into My Passive Trades.  By doing that I have turned $70 of my Timebucks cash into $155….

MPT $155

What a blast it is to create yet another income stream that just never stops growing!

The plan for this one is to build it until I am getting at least $500 a month on autopilot.

Exciting times!

More updates to come soon….

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

How to Make Money EVERY Day Without Fail!

Ok its time to get serious about making money EVERY day without fail.  I already do, and have done for years.  How?

Here is my strategy (I advise you read to the end before you decide its not for you): 

The first thing I recommend you do is log in to Timebucks and do the daily poll and the ad clicks.  That will make you a few pennies.


Don’t say thats not worth the time….. or I will do it later, just trust me and do it.  Why? Because when you make a few pennies first thing it is getting your mindset into earning mode.  It is impossible to fail when you do that with Timebucks ad clicks.


Making a little money every day (yes even pennies) is MUCH more valuable than you think.  When you do it each morning you start the day successful. You can use that little bit of money earned to multiply it a lot later on ( I use this account to do that), AND it also sets you up for the next task which is all about MUCH HIGHER LEVEL EARNING.


Higher Level Earning

The next task is about promoting.  You can promote anything you like really but I suggest you focus on something that will actually earn you money.  Try to make a sale, get a PAID sign up, or a free sign up that you will get paid for.


Me? I will be focusing on trying to reach the $100 bonus today with this opportunity AND making some affiliate sales.
Now when it comes to promoting you have many choices.  Personally I like to use AdfeedzLeadsleap and Infinity Traffic Boost each day BECAUSE THEY PAY ME JUST TO PROMOTE MY OTHER STUFF.


By following this plan each day I DEFINITELY make money at least FOUR times:
Once from Timebucks
Once from Adfeedz
Once from Leadsleap
Once from Infinity Traffic Boost


I also MIGHT make money by promoting my opportunity and my affiliate products.  If I do then great, if I don’t guess what? I have STILL made money! 


Simple plan, VERY effective.


Try it and see the difference it can make long term…. or don’t try it and keep doing what you are doing!


I KNOW I am making money every day….. do you?


Ellie xx
PS to multiply my penny earnings I currently use this site for passive earning.  I have deposited $50 from my penny earnings into that and now I have $125 in that account.


That makes me money EVERY DAY as well.


For those who like to see the proof:


MPT $125

How to Earn $100 Today (Option 1)

Is it possible to earn $100 today with no experience and no upfront costs?


Here are the steps to follow for ONE way to do it (click here for more ways):

Click Here to Register for a Free Trial Account (the video below shows step by step how to do that) Then the next step is under the video!

Click Here to Join our Facebook Group

In the Facebook group you will see a post that you will need to copy.

Share that post on Facebook in the way we direct you to.

Wait for Responses.

Reply to people who ask for information as directed in our Facebook Group.

Get 5 people to register for a Free Trial Account.

Hey Presto – $100

Ok so it is ALMOST that simple.  There are a few rules:

The people registering for the free trial account MUST be new to the site.

You need to pay $10 to upgrade your account on day 7.

5 of the people you refer to the site need to pay the $10 to upgrade on day 7 as well.


Extra Info

You can earn $100 for each 5 people you refer who are new, and who upgrade.

Possible to do today? Absolutely!

Easy to do? It can be…. but it can also be hard.  Practice makes it easier so I would suggest you keep on trying and you will get there.

You will still earn $100 if you refer 5 people in a week who are new and who upgrade.

You can earn $25 if you refer just 1 person in your first 8 weeks.

You will ALSO earn a fantastic monthly income if you stick with it.

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose!

For more ways to earn $100 per day AND a lot of training just click here to register for my free email course!

Ellie xx



Using Autopay on Neobux to Manage Rented Referrals

For those of you who don’t know already I have been using Neobux on and off literally since the day I started working online.  I actually discovered it on my first day of looking for a way to earn some money online!

Sadly, back then I just didn’t understand how exactly doing ad clicks for pennies would provide me with any income.  I am certainly not alone in that.

Over the years I have gone back to Neobux again and again.  I knew I was missing something when I saw the forum posts with some of the highest earnings I have ever seen!

It took me a while to actually figure it out, but I finally did :) and now its time for a progress report.

Now my earnings are shown below on the live updated earnings banner:


Yes you can watch my earnings increasing all the time on that banner.  You can also click it to join Neobux for free should you wish to!

Right now I have reached the point on my Neobux account when I am ready to start making withdrawals.  I have never made it to this point before so I am very pleased with my progress.

To show exactly what I am doing to prepare for withdrawal I decided to do a video explaining my process.  It involves using Autopay and so I explain that as well:

I hope you find the video useful, however if you do have any questions about what I am doing and why….. or any questions about Neobux at all, then I’d be very happy to give you my opinion and guidance.

I now love Neobux and wish I had seen the potential it had back on day 1!

Don’t be fooled by the penny earnings for ad clicks part like so many others have been….

Its an earning machine when you learn what to do.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

Earning $1000+ Per Month on Auto Pilot

Earning $1000 a month on autopilot is really quite simple when you follow this system.

Its very effective too.

You just sign up for an account with Leadsleap <<< Click to Join

Then you sign up for an account with Profits Lion <<< Click to Join

You promote Leadsleap on Profits Lion

You promote Profits Lion on Leadsleap

Both accounts offer autopilot promoting so just set up your ads and let them run.

As you are promoting online advertising accounts to people who already use online advertising it is a highly targeted and effective plan.

You can even start for free, so try it for yourself and see how well this works!

25% commission is paid to free members, 50% and multi level commission is paid to upgraded members.

To fully automate your income simply upgrade on both sites asap.

Of course you can also promote both accounts on other traffic sites too!

I suggest you use the Extra Traffic Sites and Free Promo Codes sections of this website if you want to promote on extra traffic sites!

Here is a video showing the earning plan, commission amounts and how to add your adverts to Leadsleap and Profits Lion:

Happy Earning

Ellie xx

How I Doubled My Money in A Few Weeks!

I’ve been meaning to add some progress updates here for a while now, and what better time than when I have just doubled my money?

This is ONE of the ways that I personally make a much higher level income than those who don’t follow the full plan I provide.

What I do is very simple.  I use free to join sites such as Timebucks to earn a little cash.

I then use my free traffic sites to promote Timebucks.  This gives me an ever growing team and a small passive income that is gradually increasing month by month.

However I ALSO use another way to increase the value of my earnings.  Its like a belt and braces approach which makes it impossible to fail.

This is how exactly I doubled my money:

I used Timebucks to earn some cash.  Then I deposited $50 of that cash into an account with My Passive Trades.  (Minimum deposit is just $5)

Each time I had earned $5 back into my account I reinvested it in the site.

My $50 is now $100 and is still growing daily.

Here is a screenshot of my deposit:

My Passive Trades Deposit


Here is a screenshot of my balance today:

My Passive Trades Balance
Hey presto I turned $50 into $100…..

Try it for yourself, you will love it!

Ellie xx


Tips and Tricks to Maximise Affiliate Profits

I am not in the least bit ashamed to admit the fact that I tried and tried and tried some more to figure out how to make ANY money as an affiliate marketer in the beginning.  The fact is its one of those things that looks and sounds easy BUT ITS NOT!

If you have done any affiliate marketing work at all it probably went like this:

Ok so I get a link and I share it, thats easy…..

Found some products and Shared Links


Found different products and Shared More Links


Wondered what I was doing wrong…. but kept trying


It kept on going like that for me for quite a while.

Started email list to share links


So when did it change for me?

More or less when I did a lot of personal training to learn what was actually involved!

If you are just starting out with Affiliate Marketing, or have been trying and failing, here are some tips to help you out:

Don’t share product links, share tips instead.

Really until you start to be seen as some kind of authority on a topic then its going to be hard to make affiliate sales.  Sharing tips will help you achieve that.  It will also attract people towards you who are interested in that particular topic.

I would advise sharing your tips in a blog.  That will help you to create a following – email subscribers are the lifeblood of any affiliate marketers business so make sure you have a subscriber option added.

This blog was created using a $10 a month hosting package from GDI – I choose that as it has an amazing affiliate income stream built in.

Learn to Play the Long Game

Affiliate marketing, although is often promoted as an easy and quick way to make money, its only those who work on building a solid audience who become successful.

The fact is there are MANY affiliates out there – why should someone buy from a random link shared by someone they don’t know?

It takes time and dedication to keep working on building an audience without making much money while you are doing it.  That however is the difference between those who make a high level income doing it, and those who make a sale now and again.

Learn to Presell

Basically what you do BEFORE you share the link to a product you want to sell is much more important than pretty much anything else.  It is all about warming people up and preparing them to get your product links.  When you do this correctly you will have people ready and waiting to buy as soon as you send them the actual buying link.

Don’t Give Up

This is probably the main thing to remember.  It is frustrating and really quite hard work to become a successful affiliate marketer.  It takes patience and learning to cope with failure to make it through to being good at it, never mind great!

Remember that EVERY SUCCESSFUL AFFILIATE has had to go through the same learning curve.  Only the ones who keep going through the tough times will actually make it.

Those are just a few tips from me.  If you’re looking for even more tips, then be sure to subscribe to my Steps to Success with Affiliate Marketing emails using the form below.  I will tell you exactly what I did to make it as an affiliate.