10 Reasons Why I Recommend Leadsleap

I truly love being able to recommend high quality, effective and useful sites to all my readers and followers…. and I love explaining exactly why I recommend specific sites too.

Today I provide details about why I recommend Leadsleap:

Its Available For Free 

Lets start with the fact you can register and use Leadsleap for free.  Free is not always a good thing, but when you get high quality advertising and other marketing tools without having to pay anything, it is fantastic.

You Can Get Paid to Use It for Free

As if point 1 wasn’t enough you can actually get paid cash just for using Leadsleap as a free member.  There are multiple ways to earn on site AND you can earn a lot of cash too.
In fact you can generate an unlimited monthly income without paying a penny yourself.

It Provides Extremely High Quality Advertising

Despite the fact the site is classified as a traffic exchange it does not have the same limitations as many other traffic exchange sites.  Personally I consistently get some of the highest opt in and conversion rates for my opportunities on Leadsleap.  I have got as high as 1 in 4 response rates here to my offers.

Ready to Join? Click Here to Register on Leadsleap

Cost Effectiveness of Upgrade

There is a monthly cost of upgrading on Leadsleap if you want to have a Pro account.  If you upgrade quickly after joining you will get the discounted price of $19.90 and if you delay it will be $27.  For this price you will get 20 fully automated ads, 10 of which will run 24/7 and 10 will run on ad credits.  The credits are earned from a 10 level downline system which means no clicking is required for those ads to run as well.

That means you are paying just $1 per ad for it to run on autopilot for 1 full month.  Where else would you pay $1 for a full months worth of high quality advertising?

Its Not Just An Advertising Site

There are several high quality and extremely useful marketing tools available completely for free.  For example a tracker tool that identifies bot traffic so you don’t waste time and money on useless advertising.  This is a tool that EVERYONE working online should be using…. and on Leadsleap you actually get paid for using it.

The other marketing tools include:

Ad bars and pop up forms or announcements you can use to say anything you want.

Free to use autoresponder script.

Free to use lead magnet ebook.

Free to use ad rotator.

Adsense style ad blocks for using with or without your own website.

Social reviews section for helping with your own research, or promoting your opportunities.

Quality blog posts and emails to help you learn more about promoting any opportunity.

Basically Leadsleap is a complete marketing platform complete with training and tools you get just for registering on the site.

High Quality Leads

Because of the fact that Leadsleap provides high quality tools and advertising it attracts those who are serious about working online.  The leads it provides are not people who join opportunities and then do nothing, nor are they freebie seekers.  There is a high percentage of paid members on Leadsleap who understand marketing and are willing to pay for genuine options.

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Leadsleap is an extremely well managed, sustainable and stable site.  It has been around for several years already, but it continues to develop as well.  The owner takes his business very seriously and likes adding value for members.  This means the site continues to evolve, but is not constantly changing either.

Number of Active Members

The popularity of Leadsleap is huge in the online marketing space and has so far amassed over 119,000 members.  This figure continues to grow with new members joining daily.  Unlike a lot of large advertising sites however a high percentage of members are active on the site.  This is obvious from the results gained from advertising.

Income Potential

If you want to work as an affiliate there is an amazing opportunity available on Leadsleap.  With 25% commission rates for free members, and 50% for paid members as well as a recurring monthly income, the potential earning is huge.

Taking into account the fact that high quality advertising and marketing tools is in major demand online it is certainly possible for any affiliate to build daily income of $10, $50, or $100+.

Leadsleap itself provides all the tools and information you would need to do this.

Ready to Join? Click Here to Register on Leadsleap

Responsive Admin

I have to admit I am not easily impressed when it comes to admin of sites.  I believe admins should be responsive and provide guidance to members.  With a site the size of Leadsleap and a single admin however I honestly don’t know how he does it.  I always get personal, fast and professional responses to queries.  I also know of many times when the admin has gone out of his way to help others, and always provides highly useful information and guidance.

I never cease to be impressed with the admin of Leadsleap.

Automated Results

The last item on my list today (yes I know I said 10 and this is number 11, but it is an important point to include) is the degree of automation that is provided on Leadsleap.  I am a member of many traffic and marketing sites and no other site I have tried has matched the 100% set and forget style system provided by Leadsleap.  Most sites require constant login, updating of ads, checking campaigns, having to do ad clicks, having to write emails etc etc etc.  With Leadsleap I can create up to 20 different ads that all run on auto pilot.

There is little reduction in effectiveness of long term ads as well.  I frequently have to change my ads on other sites to keep up the results, but not on Leadsleap.  It is an absolute marketing machine that works and works and works with minimum effort on my part.


This is my honest review based on many years of working online and in using Leadsleap.  Needless to say I highly recommend the site…..literally to everyone who works online.  Use it to promote your own opportunities, or to earn cash for using the site.  It may look a little overwhelming when you first join, but it is well worth the time spent learning exactly how to use it.

I plan to do several how to guidance videos for Leadsleap ASAP to help guide you fully on using the site effectively.  I will add them below as and when I complete them.

Ready to Join? Click Here to Register on Leadsleap


Simple $20+ Per Day Plan

Its just 14 days since I published my withdraw $10 a day plan and already I am ready to work on doubling that amount! What can I say? My plans are very effective….. :)

If you read my post The PTC Sites Withdrawal Plan, you will know that I basically allocated 1 site per day to withdraw $10 from.  Some of the sites in that plan have bypassed the $10 withdrawal level already, and some I just started working on.  Others I am confident I will be withdrawing $10 per week from very shortly.

I have really enjoyed working on this plan, and I know many of my followers have jumped on board with the plan as well.

Now the initial foundation is firmly in place, and it is working so well, I am expanding my own version to include passive income sites as well.  This is what will take my withdrawals to the $20 a day level pretty quickly.

Of course I do plan to keep building these accounts and I have my mind on withdrawing $100 a day from them ASAP….

The new plan ($20 a day)and progress so far is:


GPT Planet – I am already withdrawing $10+ per week on this site.

Better Bits – Just joined, Deposited $10, Earnings about $0.10 per day


Paid Verts – Just Started Using, Deposited $0, Earnings = $1+ daily

My Ads Up – Just Joined, Deposited $15, Earnings = $0.57 daily


PTC Share – Just Joined, Deposited $0, Earnings = $0.01+ daily

Timebucks – Withdrawing $10+ now without needing to do any earning activity myself


Neobux – Current Earnings = $5+ daily but not withdrawing weekly yet

Diversity Fund Club – Just Joined, Deposited $25.  Earnings yet to start


Ojooo – Current Earnings = $0.25+ daily

My Passive Trades – First 2 x $10 withdrawals done and payment received.


Leadsleap – Withdrawing $10+ now weekly

Crypto Pros – Joined in Nov 2018 and bought several $2 positions.  Just started promoting this week


Scarlet Clicks – Current Earnings = $1.50+ daily.  Upgraded to Gold this week.


So I am already withdrawing $10 on 4 out of the 7 days, and have allocated 1 passive earning site to each day apart from Sunday now.   I have a few options to choose between for my final passive earning site and will make that decision soon.

As always  I will be funding the passive earning options with free to join site earnings (mostly via Timebucks).  I am excited to show how  am building this ‘casual earning’ from ad clicks and surveys into a fantastic monthly passive income which will soon reach $100+ per day.

For those who like to see the withdrawals proof etc I have done a video of my progress so far:

10+ Real Ways to Start Earning For Free

I personally love free ways to start earning online – it was free sites that allowed me to get out of debt and into a situation where I am now earning more than I ever thought possible.  I continue to use free sites to build multiple income streams as I get quite a kick from doing that, but also to show others exactly how to do it.

More options are constantly being added to this post so do keep checking back!

Here are the 10+ different and real ways you can start earning for free (referral links provided) :

Clicking Ads on PTC Sites

This is a much under-rated way of building high level income.  It is ideal if you have just a few minutes to spare each day.  Does require patience and consistency!

Don’t just click for cash, add rented referrals for highest level income ($10 – $100+ per day)

Sites I recommend are:



Scarlet Clicks

GPT Planet

Paid Verts

PTC Share



Completing Paid Surveys

It was paid surveys that allowed me to clear my debt of £20,000.  Some people love them, some people hate them, but they do work well for a lot of people.

Sites I recommend are:

Paid Viewpoint (worldwide surveys)

Timebucks (worldwide site, but surveys can be limited in some countries)

Ysense (worldwide site, but surveys can be limited in some countries)

You Gov (limited countries)

Swagbucks (limited countries)

Paid to Play Free Games


Paid Verts

Collect Free Bitcoin

Collecting free Bitcoin (and other crypto) is fabulous way to get started without needing any money to begin earning.  It is real money and it can easily be converted to your local currency then withdrawn to your bank account.

Sites I recommend are:

Free Bitcoin

Moon Cash

Moon Bit

Bit Fun

Bonus Bitcoin

Moon BCH

Moon Lite

Moon Dash

Moon Doge


Free Litecoin

Free BCash

Promoting Products for Commission


Amazon Associates

Win Cash

Timebucks (login for sweepstakes tickets,  daily roll for guaranteed cash, earning ladder)

Get Paid for Free Referrals

Level Rewards (pays $5 per free referral)

Get Paid for Paid Referrals (While you have a free account)


My Passive Trades

Earn While You Promote (Just for using the Site)



Infinity Traffic Boost

Collect Sign Up Cash

Get £1 for Joining Inbox Pounds (UK only)

Get Paid to Complete Free Offers/Trials

Level Rewards


Inbox Pounds


Get Paid for your Unused Data

Honey Gain


Real System, Real High Income, Real Simple, No Cost

Earning a high level income online does not need to be hard work, or cost a fortune.  It just takes a simple system that works for everyone.

I really can’t think of an easier way to earn multiple income streams of $90,000 than this:

Click here to join Free Bitcoin (do it even if Bitcoin confuses you because this is so simple).

Do the claim free Bitcoin roll as often as you can – It is available every hour.  You will find it at the bottom of the Free BTC page.  You just complete the tick box captcha, then click the roll button.   Do that and let your balance build up in the account.

Keep doing it until you reach $2 worth of Bitcoin in the account.   At todays exchange rate that is 0.00028 Bitcoin.  It is possible to get that (and a lot more) with a single roll.  

When you reach $2 move the Bitcoin to this site and purchase an advertising pack.  The first account has an inbuilt way to do that, no extra wallets etc are required.  You can of course skip straight to the $2 purchase if you want to…..then start using the free site to keep building up to $2 as follows:

Keep doing the free Bitcoin claim and moving it over each time you reach $2.   Each $2 purchase you make will pay out $94,371.75 IF you also do the following:

Share this system with others until you have at least 2 referrals who do the same.   I suggest you just copy this post and update the referral links provided (the red text).  The more referrals you get the faster you will earn so I suggest you don’t stop sharing it.

As our team members keep buying multiple packs AND share this simple system with others, the system will never stop growing!

Simple and Effective….

Try it for yourself.

Ellie xx


Progress Report 21st November 2019

Since starting the Simple Steps to Success I have made so much progress in pretty much all areas of my online earning systems.  That includes everything from the free accounts to the highest paying affiliate offers which I haven’t even discussed on here yet.

One of the main things I have done is to add a new step 1 account which is now Free Bitcoin.  This makes it easier for people worldwide to move up the earning ladder a lot faster, and it is easier too.  After earning just $2 from the free hourly claim on there it opens the door to a multiple $90,000+ passive income system using Crypto Pros.

I am delighted to say in a couple of days that has attracted 41 referrals to Free Bitcoin, and 26 have already joined Crypto Pros.   With my multiple income stream approach for Crypto Pros, 53 paid positions in the matrix have already been filled.

Free Bitcoin Refs

Crypto Pros


Although I have made this little adjustment to the Simple Steps plan, that does not mean that my original step 1 site did not work.  On Timebucks I have personally received $435.98 and today the team size on there is 909 people.  Thanks to additional earning options being added to that site recently as well, It is also getting easier for everyone to reach the $10 payment level.

TB $435

TB 909 Team

I continue to work on Timebucks and withdraw $20+ per week.  Until today I have been moving my earnings over into My Passive Trades, and now have a total of $530 in there, with $470 active.  $153.55 of that is earnings made on My Passive Trades itself.

MPT 22nd Nov

Now I have reached my $500 target on My Passive Trades, my Timebucks earnings will now be getting moved into another ‘builder’ account.  This time I have chosen My Ads Up to allocate my Timebucks earnings to.

Thanks to my Timebucks earnings being moved over today I am starting on Group 3 and getting paid $0.57 per day.  At that rate it won’t take long to move up to Group 4, 5 and even 6 when I will be getting paid $4.90 per day as shown below:

My Ads Up

In addition, I am now working on my $10 a day withdrawal plan for my PTC sites.  I now have 7 sites in place for this plan.  You can get more details about them here.

Some of these accounts I have had for a while, and others are new.

I am making withdrawals from some of the PTC sites, and have been for a little while.  This plan however is really getting me to focus on how to start making withdrawals every week.  I am quite excited about this plan I must admit.

I will write about my progress for these sites next week!


Turning A One Off $2 into $1000+ (and how to earn the $2)

Recently I have been thinking a lot about people who find earning on Timebucks to be rather slow.  In case you don’t know already, Timebucks is the main free site I work with to build a monthly passive income of $1000+ per month on multiple sites.

Personally I love Timebucks, and I have been withdrawing $20+ per week from it consistently for months now.  I am lucky that I can do paid surveys on there but I am very aware that some people do not have that option.  Just doing the ad clicks etc does still pay, but it can take several months to reach the $10 withdrawal.   That can be disheartening….

As I do want to provide a simple plan to help everyone worldwide to get onto the earning high level income I have come up with an extra option that can be achieved much faster.

This one requires just $2 instead of $10, and it can be used worldwide of course!

The main earning site for this plan is called Crypto Pros (ref link provided further down the page to make sure you understand how it works before joining).

It is vital you do not register on Crypto Pros without the means of paying the $2 or you risk not being on my team (I explain this below).  Payment on Crypto Pros requires a Bitcoin Wallet and the $2 + transaction fees.

The Bitcoin Wallet I use is called Spectrocoin should you require a wallet to use.  If you need the $2+ to get started I provide ways to earn that below as well.

About Crypto Pros

Crypto Pros is a 2 x 20 matrix earning system, which means there are 2 spaces under each person that need to be filled.  The great thing about it however is, even people who find recruiting difficult, can still earn a high level income.  That is because the spaces get filled in order.  For example if I personally recruited 3 people, the 3rd person gets placed under the first 1.

Considering I have already built multiple teams of 500 – 800 people I would say the chances of me getting a lot more than 2 spaces filled is pretty high…. I will of course be teaching all of my team members how to recruit at least 2 people as well.  That way the matrix will fill up much, much faster.  Thats why you won’t want to loose your space on my team…..

Click Here to Join my Crypto Pros Team 

A full matrix will pay out over $90,000 by the way, but it takes a huge number of people to fill a 2 x 20 matrix.  It is much more realistic to aim for earnings of $1000. In fact you could simply use this plan to earn your first $10, or $100 etc should you choose to.

You can withdraw your earnings when you want to and don’t need to wait for a full matrix to do that (min withdrawal is $10).

There is the option to have multiple $2 positions on Crypo Pros as well, which means you can create multiple $1000+ payouts and you can earn higher levels of income faster by doing that.  I will explain more about that option in another post.

Starting for Free

For those who want to start for free and earn the $2 (+ transaction fees) first I have several sites that can be used to do that as well.  Below are a few sites I recommend using to earn your $2+ and I believe you should be able to withdraw within about 2 – 3 weeks on most of these.

You can choose to use all of the sites below to withdraw multiple $2 or just focus on one.  The multiple $2 plan will pay you a lot more in the long run as you can get $1000+ back for each $2 purchase on Crypto Pros.

Free Bitcoin – this site will allow you to claim free bitcoin every hour with a single click.  Minimum withdrawal is approx $2 (depending on the value of Bitcoin).  Click here to register with Free Bitcoin

Neobux – this site offers ad clicks, games, mini jobs, offers and surveys.  Note the coin offers walls take 60 days to credit but the rest are instantly added to your account. Withdrawal minimum is $2  Click here to register with Neobux 

Ojooo – this site offers ad clicks and various offer walls.  All earnings are added immediately to the account.  Withdrawal minimum is $2 Click here to register with Ojooo

Scarlet Clicks –  this site offers ad clicks and various offer walls.  All earnings are added immediately to the account.  Withdrawal minimum is $1 Click here to register on Scarlet Clicks

GPT Planet –   this site offers ad clicks and various offer walls.  All earnings are added immediately to the account.  Withdrawal minimum is $1 Click here to register on GPT Planet

There are more free sites you can use for this plan, but that is plenty to get you started!

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

Credit Encashment on Leadsleap

Continuing on with my how to earn with Leadsleap guidance, today I would like to show you how to earn extra cash with the credit encashment option.

Just like the Daily Bonus earning option on Leadsleap, this will give just a small amount of extra cash.  Obviously you will earn the daily bonus as well if you do at least 10 ad clicks per day.

These 2 earning options are the most basic ways to earn on Leadsleap.  The other 2 ways to earn on this site provide much higher level earning.  Making affiliate sales for example pays up to $13 per month per sale made.   It is possible to make a very very good income from using this site.  More information about the higher level earning options will be added to my blog and You Tube Channel very soon.

Do let me know below if you try out the credit encashment option provided by Leadsleap!

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

$50 Worth of Free Advertising on a Great Traffic Site

I am doing a lot of work with everyone over in my Facebook Group this month, all about building income consistently.  To get us started on some promoting straight away then I decided to introduce group members to Free Advertising For You.

I’ve been using this site for quite a while and am getting some great results from it.  What better way to start our month of income building than with a $50 free advertising bundle to promote any program.

Free Advertising for You is a busy, busy site with a lot going on over there.  So here are a couple of videos to help you get started using it:

This one shows you how to get the $50 ad package for free:

This one shows you how to send a solo ad, along with some great tips I have learned over the years of using traffic sites:

Happy Promoting, and good luck for sign ups or sales!

Ellie xx

Building Free Daily Income

Yesterday I discussed Turning $2.50 into $1000+ Per Month in a bit more detail.  From the emails I have started getting it seems the plan I provide is beginning to make more sense to those who thought it was not worth the time to earn a little using the free to join sites.

Now, hopefully you know that the plan starts with using free sites to earn $2.50 per day which is then built into $1000+ per month income.   This is done without team building or selling etc AND it works worldwide.

Step 1 then is to help everyone taking part to reach the $2.50 per day earning level.

I’ve had lots of feedback to say some people can make that just with Timebucks, but for others its hard to reach $0.25 per day on there.

If thats the same for you, not to worry because all we need to do is add a few more free sites to your earning routine to increase the amount you are making each day.

If you are making $2.50 per day already you can choose to add this option as well should you want to boost your initial earnings more.  If you are not making $2.50 per day yet today then I highly recommend you add Leadsleap to your earning routine.

On Leadsleap you can earn for doing ad clicks BUT there are 3 other ways to earn too.  In fact you can earn commission of $4 – $13 on this site when you know what to do (and I will teach you how to do that).  This site is also going to allow you to promote other opportunities later in this process.  Doing that will help speed up your earning so its definitely worth doing.

For today I suggest you register for free on Leadsleap and then do at least 10 ad clicks per day.  If you can do more clicks each day then you will earn more.  Note your earnings from doing the clicks will be added to your account tomorrow.  I earn about $0.05 per day doing the 10 clicks, you will ALSO be earning from selling the ad credits you get.  I expect just from these 2 actions you will be able to earn at least $0.20 per day.
That brings the total daily earning so far to approx $0.30 – $0.40.
Tomorrow I explain how to boost that to about $1 per day still using Leadsleap AND how to work on the $6+ commissions at the same time.
Remember to keep working on Timebucks to do the ad clicks! We are adding sites to your routine, not replacing one with another.
Together we WILL get you to that $2.50 per day level…. which then leads to the $1000+ per month level.
Trust me, I have done this so many times already, its so easy when you know how.  You will see your daily income building first if you follow my guidance.  Then your monthly income will start to grow.
As soon as we get you to the first $10 its going to let you see for yourself how powerful this system is.
Go with it, and let me prove to you that it is possible for EVERYONE to earn $1000+ per month with my system.
Ellie xx

Turning $2.50 into $1000+ Per Month!

This website, Simple Steps to Success, is pretty much about providing a very simple but effective plan to help as many people as possible earn $1000+ per month.

That is my goal.

It doesn’t matter where you live, this plan can work for you.

It all starts with making sure everyone who wants to join in is earning $2.50 per day from free sites.  I will be sharing various ways to do that and I believe everyone worldwide will be able to achieve that figure ok.  Of course if you prefer to simply deposit about $10 – $15 a week you can skip the free sites part…. and go straight to My Passive Trades.

By using the $2.50 of daily earnings wisely, I have calculated that everyone who takes part in the plan can make it to $1000+ per month within 40 weeks.  There are ways to speed that up, but I want to be clear about the time it is likely to take to reach the earning target.

I do not take part in any get rich quick scams as I hope you already know.  This is a solid plan without any team building required.  It simply requires daily work on free sites to earn the $2.50 per day (or to make a deposit from own pocket or other earnings etc).

I know for some people that earning $2.50 per day will likely be a bit more difficult than for others.  I am confident though everyone can make it.  I will be doing lots of calculations regarding how much can be earned from your own actions for each site I recommend.  Then its just a case of adding them together to reach $2.50 per day right?

If it proves too difficult to reach $2.50 per day I can also adjust the plan down to earning say $1 per day, or even $0.50 per day instead.  This just means it will take a bit longer to reach the $1000+ per month level.

If you want to take part in this plan the first thing to do is to monitor how much you are making each day using Timebucks.  If you do not have surveys etc available the ad clicks alone should allow you to earn about $0.05 within 5 mins per day.   Thats just step 1 of course, if you are not earning enough on Timebucks we can just add more free sites to help you reach $2.50 per day.

Simple right?

If you would like one to one guidance on increasing your daily earnings with any of the free sites just pop over to my Facebook Group or leave a comment below.   I will do my best to help guide everyone who does that.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx